Welcome to Oksana's Kitchen


Oksana’s Kitchen is a boutique artesian sauce company based on the beautiful Gold Coast.

At Oksana’s we love to ensure our customers have access to the finest and one of the healthiest sauces available in Australia.

We stand by our promise to you that all of our products are completely natural, contain no added sugar (this includes any sugar substitutes such as stevia) preservatives or additives.

Every sauce, salsa and chutney jar which leaves our kitchen is full of the same love and care which came from our grandmothers’ kitchens all those years ago.

We are committed to providing the best possible product elevating the everyday experience by making Oksana’s Kitchen Sauces the favourite of every meal.

Healthy eating is important for all ages. We believe ‘fresh is best’, but we understand making sauces from scratch can be time-consuming. 

If you’re looking for healthier alternatives, or don’t have the time it takes to create home-made sauces made from scratch, we’d love for you to try Oksana’s Kitchen.”