If there is a question you don’t see on this list that you would like to ask, please do so and we will not only reply to your question we will also add that question and answer to this page.  

– Are your sauces free of added sugar?

Aboslutely! that is why we starting making sauces. We noticed that more & more commercial sauces were filled with too much sugar.

Please note though natural sugars from the FRESH produce we use in our sauces are present.

– Do you have anything artificial in your sauces?

Definitely NO. We don’t add anything that isn’t natural and good for you. So we can guarantee you won’t see any “Numbers” or artificial additives in our sauce – That’s a promise.

– Where do your ingredients come from?

Where possible we always try to get locally grown produce for all our sauces from ethical growers & suppliers.

We aim to reduce the time between picking and cooking of all our produce to maintain the level of nutrients within our sauces.

However some of our ingredients I am saddened to say are imported this however is approx. only 1- 3% of each sauce, these include the vinegar and some of the spices. Our bottles at this stage are also imported.

– I’m Gluten free… Can I have your sauce?

Of course – we don’t have any thickeners, wheat or corn products in our sauces. Our sauces only contain natural ingredients.

Any ingredients we use that have been through a manufacturing process, suppliers of these have been contacted to ensure all those ingredients are gluten free.

– What is the shelf life of your sauces unopened?

Unopened our sauces have a best before of 18 months from the date of bottling, however we have had several in our own pantry longer than this and still taste like they where bottled last week.

Please observe the best before dates and use your own judgment beyond that.

– After opening how long can your sauces last in the fridge?

Please use common sense here; for most of our customers this is never a concern because once they open the sauces they keep coming back for more.

We have personally had some of our sauces in our fridge opened for up to 12 months without any issues.

The important thing to remember once you have opened the sauces please refrigerate, sauces that are left out on the bench for extended periods of time once opened will go bad as they are natural products.

– I can only see Pick up or Australia Post in the shipping selections when in the shopping cart or check out. Is there any other options available?

We have several options available for shipping they include:

Pickup, Couriers Please, Sendle, Australia Post Standard Service and Australia Post with Signature.

If however you have nominated a Po Box for your delivery address. Only the Standard Australia Post and Pickup options will be shown this is due to the other options not being available for delivery to Po Box’s.

If you wish to have more options please edit you address in the account summary page. Go to edit my contact details and enter a physical address and save this information. To refresh you will need to log out and then log back in.

Our preferred method of shipping is either Pickup or Couriers Please as we cannot always guarantee safe undamaged delivery with Australia Post.