Nan loves talking about her beautiful sauces and Oksana's Kitchen! Here's what she has to say.  

Are your sauces free of added sugar?

Absolutely! Any sugar included in our products are natural sugars from the FRESH produce we use in our sauces.

Do you have anything artificial in your sauces?

NO. We don’t add anything that isn’t natural! Nan can guarantees that you won’t see any “Numbers” or artificial additives in our sauces – just real food!

Where do your ingredients come from?

Wherever possible we always work to get locally grown produce for all our sauces from ethical growers & suppliers.

We aim to reduce the time between picking and cooking of all our produce to maintain the level of nutrients within our sauces.

Some of our ingredients are imported like vinegar and some of the spices. We work hard to have as much wholesome and fresh Australian grown ingredients in our beautiful sauces as possible.

I’m Gluten free… Can I have your sauce?

Of course! We don’t use any thickeners, wheat or corn products in our sauces. Our sauces only contain natural ingredients! Hooray!

Any ingredients we use that have been through a manufacturing process, suppliers of these have been contacted to ensure all those ingredients are gluten free.

What is the shelf life of your sauces unopened?

Unopened, our sauces have a best before date on the bottle (typically 12-18 months) We have had several in our own pantry longer than this and still taste like they where bottled last week! Nan's sauces are so good that you shouldn't have them that long anyway, but if you do, please observe the best before date for your own safety.

Once Opened, please don't leave the sauces out, please refrigerate them as soon as possible. They should then be used within 10 days of opening.


I can only see Pick up or Australia Post in the shipping selections when in the shopping cart or check out. Is there any other options available?


If you wish to have more options please contact us.