Buy - Cook - Eat

Hungry for tasty inspiration and no time to cook your sauces and salsas from scratch?

Hooked on sugar and want to kick the sugar habit?

If you are looking for healthy sauces and salsas made from fresh ingredients that you can trust to be:

  • Gluten-free
  • Contain no added sugars, sugar substitutues, preservatives or artificial colours
  • Are vegan and vegetarian friendly
  • Low Carb

Oksana's Kitchen products are here for you to eat "Just real food" without the pain of cooking.

We are pleased to share one of the healthiest & really tasty range of sauces with you. Our sauces have some of the lowest sodium and sugar levels to be found in Australia, with the only sugar being present from the fruits and vegetables we use in cooking.


You can order direct or purchase our tasty range of sauces on the shelves of quality retailers and food stores throughout Australia.